How one man's silencing has shone a light on vested interests and medical evangelism

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The MEAT-ing Malmoe, Sweden. August 2020

04 December, 2019

Gary Fettke, Tim Noakes, Frederic Leroy, Diana Rodgers, Joel Salatin, Peter Ballerstedt, Shawn Baker, Maria Emmerich and Amber O'Hearn are just some of the incredible speakers I will share the stage with at the MEAT-ing in Malmoe, Sweden, August 2020. Experts in the science of nutrition and in regenerative farming practices who will be discussing the importance of ruminants not only for our health, but that of our planet, too.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

Environmental Health

#yes2meat backlash to EAT-Lancet's Planetary Health Diet

01 December, 2019

I am proud to have been involved in the successful hashtag #yes2meat on social media platforms when Low Carb advocates, nutrition scientists, and even the Italian representative to International Organisations, rallied together to challenge the EAT-Lancet $3 million dollar PR campaign pushing to implement a global, nutrient deficient, one-size-fits-all "Planetary Health diet"

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

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Nutrition Science... How did we get here? Belinda Fettke LCDU 2019

28 November, 2019

I never imagined the expert witness, used by the AHPRA Medical Board of Tasmania to determine if my husband, Dr Gary Fettke, had the competency to recommend reducing sugar and processed carbohydrates to his patients, people with weight-related joint issues and the complications of diabetes often requiring amputation, would lead me to Sanitarium, Coca-Cola and Lifestyle Medicine. 

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

What's being said about #isupportgary

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